Gomango is a full service multi-media design agency offering a wide range of services from websites to print design.

We cover all the stages required to provide you with high-quality high-impact design - we can develop your unique brand or business identity, we can design, build, host and maintain your website and we can design your brochure or business stationery.

Over the years we have developed a considerable experience and expertise enabling us to provide a comprehensive range of design support services ranging from technical and editorial illustration, studio and location photography, copywriting and translation, brand and identity development and information/content management systems. Our skill-base enables us to provide you with every service required to present your company, organisation, brand or products to the world.

We are based in central Devon with clients across the UK.

We are a small team, which means that the service we provide is always personal - and we care about getting it right.

Some of the rules we play by!

Rule 1 - Let's not be motivated by money

If we want to be happy we cook, dance, write music or read a book. We keep our personal overheads at a very manageable level!

Our business doesn't need premises or a large staff; our overheads are limited to our desks in our homes, an iMac and a Windows PC and a web server.

So, whilst money is a useful thing to have around, it's not why we're here. It's not about the money.

Rule 2 - Let's speak our minds

We can be very critical about how people present themselves, their business, their services and their products. We used to worry about causing offence but not any longer. If we're in the right working relationship then we tend to find that people want to hear our opinions.

On the other hand, we need to know what is and isn't working for you. Just because we spent the last twelve hours on a design you hate doesn't mean we're right and you're wrong. Ok, It's more likely that we're right but we'll argue about that when and if the time comes!

Rule 3 - Let's enjoy each other's company

If you don't enjoy working with someone it's hard to get a great result. We work with people who we enjoy working with and who enjoy working with us.

If we don't get on, then you're probably wasting our time and your money.

Rule 4 - Let's agree to avoid make-work meetings and early mornings

You may be an early riser who enjoys meetings and, of course, you're free to indulge both those preferences, as long as you don't mind working with people who hate meetings and who cannot start working effectively until after our mid-morning caffeine hit. It's not that we won't attend pointless meetings... oh, sorry, it is.

Rule 5 - Don't pay me for everything you get

We don't believe in charging for design that people don't use, so we don’t mind doing speculative work, as long as we don't feel used. We feel used if we're asked to do speculative work and we find the same request has been made of another designer at the same time.

Rule 6 - Let's agree a deadline without getting hung up about fixed-hours projects

If a job takes twenty hours to get to the right result, but it only pays for five, then we’ll work the twenty.

Unlike Douglas Adams (author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), we don't like the sound of deadlines as they woosh by. Deadlines are our friends. We meet them regularly.

These two things are not incompatible.

Rule 7 - Let's spread the love

If you're a big, successful, company, we'll charge you the rate for the job. If you're a struggling start-up, we'll charge you less because we want you to survive so we can work on lots more interesting projects together.

Every business was once a struggling start-up, so let’s agree to give them a little help along the way when we can. It's a karma thing.

Rule 8 - Let's change the rules

Design isn't about conformity, it's about finding better ways to do what we do and say what we say. So if the rules aren't helping, let's change them.

It's easy enough to buy good design, but isn't your business worth great design?

Welcome to Gomango - we're about providing great design for the price of good design.

Now we're agreed on how to work together... where do you want us to start?

Ian Cox designs and codes, talks to clients, minds the server but mostly just sits in front of an iMac all day long designing logos, stationery, publicity materials, signage, websites and those clever little patterns you find on top of capuccinos.

Paul Bateman designs and creates amazing code that does fairly astounding things with our own Content Management System and much more besides.

Dan Stribley takes photographs of our clients, their products and their other prides of joy. He's also rather handy with web code as well.