SERVICES : Branding guidelines

Great, you've got your logo. Does it matter how you use it?

What happens if you place it close to other on-page elements, or near another logo? What if you change the colour, or the typeface? Can you place it on the page at an angle? Can you add a strapline? Can you stretch it a bit to fill up an awkward space? And how do you make sure you're sending the correct file version for that big banner ad? These are a few of the issues that need to be addressed in your branding guidelines because mistakes are costly!

Logos and brands say a lot about your organisation or product. When you're not around to present all those positive selling points it's your logo that will be representing you.

A logo or brand image that has been poorly used may say a lot more about your organisation or product than you intend it to... and most of that additional information is likely to be negative.

Branding guidelines help you, and anyone else who is using your logo, to avoid many of the mistakes it is all too easy to make.

A typical set of Branding Guidlines produced by Gomango will cover:

The Logo Artwork

  • Which filetypes to use in which context
  • How to use the logo against different backgrounds
  • Details of the typeface used
  • Information about the exact CMYK, Hexadecimal and Pantone colours used


  • A definition of the controlled space to be placed around the logo in all usage contexts

What not to do

  • Swapping typefaces
  • Logo distortion
  • Using the logo at an angle
  • Isolating logo elements
  • Changing relative sizes of logo elements


  • Examples of how the logo should be used in various applications, from adverts to business cards

It doesn't cost a lot to commission Branding Guidelines - and the cost benefit cab be calculated in terms of the savings made by preventing the inappropriate use of your logo.