SERVICES : Content management

We created Weblive in 2003 and we've been evolving the system ever since. It is now one of the most flexible multi-functional and user-friendly CMS services on the market.

Weblive is not just a page editor - the service includes a wide range of content modules all with special functionality. You subscribe to the modules you require and you manage all the content via a single online control panel.

In addition to pre-deigned modules we can create CMS modules to your specification.

How it works

You specify how you want to manage your website - different parts of the site will require different functionality - we provide you with a content management module for each part of the site you need to control.

A module may be a News page, a Shop, an Events Diary, a Publications Library, a Podcast facility. - if you have a need we haven't been asked for before then we'll build it - and no development fee is charged!

We can integrate any Weblive module into your new or existing website (it never looks like a third-party add-on) and we provide you with a secure online editing facility - so you simply login via the Gomango website and start editing.


Weblive is provided on a subscription-only basis - which means you pay for the use of the software and service for as long as you need it - you don't pay for development costs - this results in an incredibly cost-effective solution.

We charge on an annual basis - with charges starting as low as £100 p.a. - some specialised modules, such as Weblive Shop and our Email Newsletter service (both of which are part of the Weblive range) cost a little more.

Weblive functionality

When you loginto Weblive the menu lists all the modules you have subscribed to. The editing functionality within each module is the same - so once you have learned how to use one module the learning curve is largely over (typically, it takes us about 10 minutes to deliver a training session in the use of a single module!).

Special features

Here are some of the special features of Weblive - there are too many to mention in total and you may not need all of these but this list will give you an idea of the power of the system:

  • All Weblive data is backed up each day - so errors or accidental deletions can be easily corrected You can create editing logins for multiple users and you can control which modules those users have access to (you can even allow users to share access to the same modules but only edit items they have personally created)
  • A single Weblive module can generate unlimited numbers of web pages (take a look at the Services pages on this website - each service item has its own web page - there is no limit to the number of pages that can be created - in a similar way, the system could be used to create an unlimited number of product information pages, or personnel profiles, or case studies, job vacancies, press releases - there possibilities are unlimited!)
  • You can upload photos, graphics, documents, video link, podcast items and link these to individual items within one or more Weblive modules
  • You can provide users with 'deep linking' to any page generated by Weblive
  • You can automate the appearance and removal of any item created with Weblive - for instance, an Events Diary can display current events, or events occurring within a specified timeframe or geographical area - a job vacancy will automatically disappear from your site when the closing date for applications has passed