SERVICES : Email campaigns

We provide an amazing Email Campaign Management service that provides you with the tools to make the best use of one of your most important business assets.

What you get

1) Many of our clients prefer to send us the content for their newsletter so we can manage the basic coding and layout using an agreed template. The cost of this service is covered by the annual fee which is reviewed in relation to the complexity of the emails you send (see account information below, for other editing options)

2) A subscriber form on your website (with the facility for users to subscribe to one or more lists) - we also accept pre-collected lists where the emails have been collected according to our quality guidelines (see below)

3) Online access to your subscriber lists (with editing and download facilities)

4) You have access to full delivery reports (see graphic) for all your campaign mailouts

5) 'Hard bounces' (dead mailboxes) are automatically removed from your list so you the list develops in quality over time

7) Double opt-in subscription facilities are available on request


Example of a summary Mailout Report

Your own account 

You can request different levels of account which can include:

Access to Newsletter mailout reports (no additional charge)
Access to and administration of your recipient list(s) (no additional charge)
Editing access to standard templates (no additional charge)
Editing access to advanced bespoke templates (available for an additional design fee)
Administration of mailouts (including the facility to send the mailout yourself)

To upgrade your existing arrangement please email us for more information.


To send out individual email campaigns:

Up to 250 emails: £9
251-500 emails: £18
501-1000 emails: £33
1001-1500 emails: £48
1501-2000 emails: £63
2001-3000 emails: £93
3001-5000 emails: £153

Contact us for information about discounts for larger mailouts and/or bulk purchases.